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The generally speed of a car on the highway is in 60-130KM/H, and the width of the highway is generally 8-15M width in a single direction,  it needs a wider lighting area and high brightness light to ensure the safety of the vehicle driving. The illumination level belongs level 1 road grade according to National standartl Lux of led street light.

Urban street lighting is to provide lighting for vehicles and pedestrians at the same time, generally for a single direction 7-10M width. Especially in the early evening, there is a big number of vehicles and pedestrians at this time,  then the lighting area requirements wide as well as illumination requirements higher.  But at midnight, vehicles and pedestrians gradually decrease, the illumination can be reduced also, thus achieving a more energy-efficient lighting effect.

Rural roads are illuminated for both vehicles and pedestrians and are generally with a width at 7-10 M. The lighting requirements are one level lower than those of urban roads. At midnight, there will be fewer vehicles and pedestrians, and the illumination level can be further reduced, thus achieving a more energy-efficient lighting effect.

The parking lot is mainly provided for the use of vehicle parking, the speed of the vehicle is relatively low, the lighting range required is relatively large, but the illumination required to provide is not particularly high.

Lighting in places such as campuses and parks is mainly provided for pedestrian use, and it can also be used as a kind of security lighting. So it does not require high illumination, but needs a wide range of lighting.

Solar garden lights for yard are the most appreciated and tasted lighting fixtures in landscape lighting, and also the most artistic. Garden lights bring the environment to life through light and illumination.

Here is a solar-powered floodlight, professionally made to provide lighting for commercial billboards. Make your commercial advertising brighter and more dazzling, so that the value of your commercial advertising can be more reflected.

Solar Hybrid light is a solar street light that is designed to provide high power lighting for a long period of time in places where there is not enough sunlight. It uses solar and wind energy as well as city power to provide continuous energy for the light fixture to obtain high power lighting for a long period of time.

IoT solar street light is a more intelligent road lighting product combined with IoT technology. It can calculate the power generation in real time through IoT and tell us how much carbon emission has been reduced. At the same time, it can monitor the operation status of the solar street light in real time through IoT, and put a real-time alarm to the faults, which can greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of the solar street light.

Smart lighting is mainly the use of Internet of Things technology equipment, through the software platform based on the real-time conditions of the surrounding environment and seasonal changes, weather conditions, illumination, special holidays, etc. to promote the soft start of street lights and for the adjustment of street light brightness, in accordance with the needs of humane lighting, to ensure safety while achieving secondary energy saving, improve the quality of lighting.