Pro-Double MPPT(IoT) Solar charge controller

Based on 18 years of experience in research and development of solar controllers, BOSUN Lighting has developed our patented intelligent solar charge controller Pro-Double-MPPT(IoT) Solar Charge Controller after continuous technical innovation. Its charging efficiency is 40%-50% higher than the charging efficiency of ordinary PWM chargers. This is a revolutionary progress, which makes full use of solar energy while greatly reducing the cost of the product.


●BOSUN patent Pro-Double-MPPT(IoT) maximum power tracking technology with 99.5% tracking efficiency and 97% charging conversion efficiency

●Multiple protection functions such as battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/open circuit/power limit protection

●A variety of intelligent power modes can be selected to automatically adjust the load power according to the battery power

●Extremely low sleep current, more energy efficient and convenient for long distance transportation and storage

●IR/microwave sensor function

●With IOT remote control interface (RS485 interface, TTL interface)

●Multi-time programmable load power&time control

●IP67 waterproof

Technical specification


Product features

Professional design to improve system reliability in an all-round way

□ International famous brands such as IR, TI, ST, ON and NXP are used for semiconductor devices.
□ Industrial MCU full digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift problems.
□ Ultra-high charging efficiency and LED driving efficiency, significantly reducing the temperature rise of products.
□ IP68 protection grade, without any buttons, further improving waterproof reliability

High conversion efficiency

□ The efficiency of constant current driving LED is as high as 96%

Intelligent storage battery management

□ Intelligent charging management, patent Pro-Double-MPPT chargingconstant voltage charging and cons tant voltage floatingcharging.
□ Intelligent charge and discharge management based on temperature compensation can greatly prolong the service life of the battery by more than 50%.
□ Intelligent energy management of storage battery ensures that the storage battery works in a shallow charge-discharge state, greatly prolonging the service life of the storage battery.

Intelligent LED management

□ Light control function, automatically turn on the LED in dark and turn off the LED at dawn.
□ Five-period control
□ Dimming function, different power can be controlled in each time period.
□ Have morning light function.
□ It also has the function of time control and morning light in induction mode.

Flexible parameter setting function of

□ Support 2.4G communication and infrared communication

Perfect protection function

□ Battery reverse connection protection
□ Reverse connection protection of solar panels
□ Prevent the battery from discharging to the solar panel at night.
□ Battery undervoltage protection
□ Under-voltage protection for battery failure
□ LED transmission short circuit protection
□ LED transmission open circuit protection

Efficiency Curve


Professional Laboratory Supported


Full Patent Certificate

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