Solar Smart Pole

SCCS (Smart City Control System)

Solar smart pole is intergrated solar technology & IoT technology. solar smart pole is based on solar smart lighting, integrating camera, weather station, emergency call and other functions. It can complete the data information of lighting, meteorology, environmental protection, communication and other industries, collect, release as well as transmit, is the data monitoring and transmission hub of the new smart city, improve the livelihood services, provide big data and service entrance for the smart city, and can promote the city operation efficiency improvement through our patent SCCS(Smart City Control System) system.


SMART POLE & SMART CITY SCCS(Smart City Control System)

·A variety of system security protection strategies to ensure the software security and stable operation

·Fast and seamless access to third-party systems, such as smart city system access

·Support a variety oflarge databases and database clusters, automatic data backup

·Distributed deployment system which can expand RTU capacity easily

·Cloud-based structure that supports high concurrent data access

·Cloud service technicalsupport and maintenance

·Boot self-running service support



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