Why is the Solar Street Light Becoming More and More Popular?

Driven by the sustainable development strategies of various countries around the world, the solar energy industry has developed from scratch and from small to large. As a 18-year-old manufacturer focusing on outdoor solar lighting industry, BOSUN Lighting company has become the leader of solar street light project solution provider for over 10 years.

Solar Street Light Becoming More

As countries around the world explore pathways to sustainable energy, their decisions are influenced by environmental protection, job creation and the security and reliability of energy supplies, where renewable energy technologies have significant advantages. It has minimal impact on the environment, can replace part of conventional energy sources, and increases the security and reliability of energy supplies.


In much of the world, environmental thinking is driving the development of alternative energy technologies, and solar energy is widely recognized as an excellent alternative energy source. Its use helps to reduce CO2 emissions and thus protect the environment. Many countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Germany and Switzerland, believe that climate change is the main factor driving solar research, development and marketing activities. In countries such as Austria, do-it-yourself collectors have spurred the development of solar installations. Norway has installed more than 70,000 small photovoltaic installations, or about 5,000 a year, mostly in remote towns, mountains and coastal resorts. Finns also buy several thousand small (40-100W) PV units each year for their summer cottages.


In addition, efforts are under way in some countries to commercialize products such as high performance solar Windows, solar water heaters, energy storage devices, transparent insulation, daylight lighting and photovoltaic devices integrated into buildings.

Post time: May-09-2023