Philippine Department of Public Works Develops Standard Design for Solar Lanterns on National Roads

On February 23, local time, the Philippine Department of Public Works (DPWH) released the overall design guidelines for solar lights along national highways.

In Departmental Order (DO) No. 19 of 2023, Minister Manuel Bonoan approved the use of solar street lights in public works projects, followed by the release of standard design drawings.

He said in a statement: "In future public works projects using street light components, we hope to use solar road lighting, taking into account its stability, long life, ease of installation, safety, and of course energy efficiency, so that It makes it ideal for new and existing roads."


The Minister of Public Works added that Department Order No. 19 will serve as a reference for the regional offices of the Ministry of Public Works, regional engineering offices, clusters of unified project management offices and consultants of the Ministry of Public Works in preparing the design plan for road projects.

The technical requirements in the guidelines include: street lights must be uniform, without dark bands or sudden changes; they can be high-pressure sodium (HPS) or LED lights.

In addition, the color temperature can be varied between warm white and warm yellow, and the use of ultraviolet rays is prohibited; suitable for outdoor use, it has a degree of protection of IP65 according to IEC standards.

As for major national roads, the Ministry of Public Works stated that the lighting arrangement can be single, axial, opposite or staggered; secondary roads can use single, opposite or staggered lighting arrangements; and tertiary roads can use single or staggered lighting arrangements .

The command also sets the wattage of lights, installation height, spacing and poles according to road classification, width and number of lanes, taking into account intersections and merged road sections that require higher lighting levels to ensure sufficient light sources on driving roads arm use.


Post time: Jun-06-2023