Design & Solution for Project in Japan

Anyone who has experienced international trade knows that Japanese clients have extremely strict quality requirements and pursue details.

October. 2021, we received a project from a Japanese steel mill. In order to meet client’s need, our engineers held more than 5 times meetings to confirm all the details.


Finally we decided to use our Model: BDX-30W with sensor, and BDX-60W without sensor for this project.

The difference between this project and previous projects is that the client requires the battery to be placed in the electric box. How to ensure the waterproof of the electric box and how to solve the connection of the lines have become the difficulties we encountered in this project. Fortunately, we all ended up solving these problems for our customers.




2021 October: Receive project requirements;

2021 October to February 2022: Details revised and confirmed;

2022 March : order confirmation;

2022 May: Completion of production;

2022 June : Goods received;

2022 July: Installation completed.


In May of this year, after our client received the goods, they were very satisfied with our quality. The project is a total of 100 sets of BDX-30W and BDX-60W. They placed them in the warehouse neatly.


For Japanese client, safe work is very important, so it took them a month to install all the lights.

Another steel plant project is also under planning, looking forward to the next cooperation



Post time: Aug-05-2022