High Brightness All in One Solar Street Light Working 12hours Every Night


This project was in 2018 actually. After working more than 4 years, client was happy to feedback all the lights are working 12 hours every night.     

What service did we provide for this project?


All in One solar street Light


We provided professional DAILux lighting design: LED power 60W model: QBD-08P, "Z" Lighting type, Pole Height 10m,, one side distance 40m.  

 All in One solar street Light 2

The DAIlux we design according to European road lighting standard, and ensure every parameter is higher than standard. it was very important and helpful to help clients win the big government project. Only 60W but reaches 10800LM. Bat Wing wide Light area.

All in One solar street Light -2 

We provided good product, compare to others,our products have below advantages:

With our patent core Technology, Pro Double MPPT solar charge controller, the charge efficiency is 40-50% higher than the normal controller in the market, it can be charged very quickly and almost 2 times more bright than the others, Many clients feedback for the past project, 80W pole distance is only 20m, but with our product 60W pole distance he has confidence to make at least 30m, it is the most cost-effective products.


 All in One solar street Light -3

Besides the core Technology, the professional optical lens is also the key part design , with Optical lens the Light transmittance>96%. ,Light direction can be changed. Beam angel meet the standard of road lighting.


The Result is :

1. Light remains much to reach on ground.

2. Wide Lighting area, we called it Bat wing shape.

 All in One solar street Light -4


After working more than 4 years, the light are still in good condition, since the light housing is Aluminum DC12 with brushed good finishing, it can Anti-UV, salti-alkali, non-fading and withstand high temperature. We have done good waterproof for the housing as well as every parts inside.

 All in One solar street Light -7 All in One solar street Light -6 All in One solar street Light -8


Post time: Aug-05-2022