BS-BDX Split Solar Smart Street Light, Separated Solar Lamp with Solar IoT (4G/LTE) Solution For Project Smart Lighting

As for one of the most stable solar solution of smart street light, Solar IoT (4G/LTE) is a good choice for you to achieve smart lighting for your project. BOSUN lighting BS-BDX series separated solar street light with high brightness chips, Mono solar panel, brand-new battery, combined with our patented Pro-double MPPT solar charge controller, lamp controller, and our patented SSLS (Smart Street Light System) , bring an excellent effect on your project. Solar 4G/LTE is popular in the projects, we can also customize the specification according to your project requirements, and help you win your project easier.

  • Model: BDX-30W/40W/60W/80W/100W
  • CCT: 3000K/4000K/6000K
  • Modules: 120/180/240/300 LEDS
  • Lumen Efficiency: 180lm/w
  • Beam angle: Beam angle: 70° * 150°
  • Smart Street Light Function: Solar IoT (4G/LTE) Solution
  • Corn Equipment: Lamp controller/Pro-double MPPT solar charge controller
  • Software: SSLS (Smart Street Light System)
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    BOSUN Smart Street Lighting System

    Remote Control System(APP/PC/PAD)

    √ Distributed deployment ,extendable RTU space
    √ Keep the entire street lighting system in view
    √ Easy to integrate with the third party system
    √ Support multiple communication protocols
    √ Convenient management entry
    √ Cloud based system
    √ Elegant design


    Bosun smart lighting system can connect 1 million+ devices, you can achieve centralized control and management on our platform


    Solar IoT (4G/LTE) Solution


    Product Information

    We Can Customized According to Your Project Requirments!


    What Can We Offer You?


    Core Equipment Introduction

    Solar IoT (4G/LTE) Solar Light Controller


    The solar internet of Thinas module is a communication module that can adant tothe solar street amn controller This modulhas 4G Cat 1 communication function.which can be remotely connected to the server in the cloud, At the same time. themodulehas infrared /RS485/TTL communication interface, which can completethe sending and reading of the parameters and status ofthe solar controller. Mainperformance characteristics of the controller

    - Cat1. Wireless communication
    - Support remote upgrade firmware
    - Two types of voltage input of 12V/24V - Module has base station positioning function
    - Fault alarm, battery/solar board/load fault alarm
    - Can remote switch load, adjust the power of the load
    - Remote the parameters of multiple or single or single controller
    - Read the voltage/current/power of the battery/load/sunglasses inside thecontroller
    - You can control most of the mainstream solar controller in China throughRS232 communication
    - Remote control and information reading of the computer interface and mobile phone


    Solar Charge Controller

    BS-Pro-Double MPPT(IOT)

    Professional design to improve system reliability in an all-round way lnternational famous brands such as IR, Tl, ST, ON and NXP are used for semiconductor devices. lndustrial MCU ful digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong ant-interference ability, no aging and drift problems Ultra-high charging efficiency and LED driving efficiency, significantly reducing the temperature rise of products. IP68 protection grade, without any buttons, further improving waterproof reliability

    Flexible parameter setting function
    Support 2.4G communication and infrared communication
    Battery reverse connection protection
    Under-voltage protection for battery failure Reverse connection protection of solar panels
    LED transmission short circuit protection,Prevent the battery from discharging to the solar panel at night
    LED transmission open circuit protection
    Battery undervoltage protection
    Intelligent storage battery management
    lntelligent charging management, patent Pro-Double-MPPT chargingconstant voltage charging and constant voltage floating charging.
    lntelligent charge and discharge management based on temperature compensation can greatly prolong the service life of the battery by more than 50%.
    lntelligent eneray management of storage battery ensures that the storage battery works in a shallow charge-discharge state, greatly prolonging the service life of the storage battery

    High conversion efficiency
    The efficiency of constant current driving LED is as high as 96%

    Intelligent LED management
    Light control function, automatically turn on the LED in dark and turn off the LED at dawn.
    Five-period control
    Dimrning function, different power can be controlled in each time period. Have morning light function.
    lt also has the function of time control and morning light ininduction mode


    Split Solar Street Light Product Details

    Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    • High photoelectric conversion rate
    • Large irradiation area
    • Fast charging
    • Fast storage of electrical energy


    High Brightness Optical Lens

    • Light transmittance>96%
    • Light direction can be changed
    • Light distribution is wide
    • Meeting road lighting standards



    BOSUN Smart Pole & Smart Lighting

    patented IoT technology & SSLS Control System




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